May My Stories Be Worn Like My Coats, Vol. 2

by The Angie Haze Project

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The Attic 03:04
Gingerbread Man Oh, he rocks softly in his chair, he does not know I'm there, and yet I'm listening. Oh, as he guzzles down his wine, I can hear a sigh of guilty mourning. Oh, he washes me away with a beacon of his shame, though it won't comfort me. For I, have waited for this day to reconcile my harbored pain of solitude. Yet somewhere in my mind, though I know it's a crime… Sometimes I wish that he'd just die…. Oh, once so sweet, he'd call my name, too naive for this game of twisted victory. Oh, I will not forget those days, my childhood swept away, each bedtime story. Oh, this confrontation sits on my defenseless state of mind burned by his glory. And here, I stand two feet from choosing forgiveness, or make real my own fantasy. Still somewhere in my mind, I know that it's a crime… But it's me or him, whose soul shall die? How melancholy this day, a day that I shall pray for understanding. But why, must I always be the lamb, a sacrifice at hand before this evil beast? Oh, I know this meeting isn't real though merely, moments I shall feel instant peace. For, this shall be his very last time to imagine that I am his own property. Cause somewhere in his mind, he always knew it was a crime, still he justifies cruelty with a bottle of wine…. Hey there, Mr. Gingerbread Man, try to catch me if you think that you can. You once were believably charming to me, and now that I am fully grown, I know you must reap what you sow, so hey gingerbread… I will now bite off your fucking nose… Hey there, Mr. Comedian man, I'll make you cry just washing your hands… See, now I can manipulate, just like you, but I clearly don't have intentions of harm, oh comedian, I'll squash you with my self taught charm… Come on, foolish insensitive man! You say you've got the answers and plan- to change the world, you say you know everything. So, tell me why does god allow, men like you to take a vow, in the name of christ… they’ll hear for my voice is singing loud… Yeah, your wine won't ever fill that gingerbread hole, no no…. Cause your crimes will never save your soul...
Shoes 04:47
Shoes Hey sir, will you please pick me a dollar from that tree. I know that times here now are rough, but I must risk to push my luck, so hey sir won't you please?… Without asking your mind machine… How can I convince you that I'm good? I've made everything right that I could. So, please sir, have pity, or you will never be my nominee…. Hey ma'am, can't you see- that little boy beggin on his knees? Can't you spare just one little dime? I promise you, no there isn't much time. So, hey ma'am won't you please?… Without robbing a charity…. how can I convince you that he's good? He's been all that a good boy should. So, please ma'am, have mercy or you will never be his sovereignty. I pray the gold and silver you sleep on will haunt your dreams at night til your greeds gone. And all us little pawns would expose you; and hope that in the next life you'll wear our shoes.
Off The Boat 02:58
Falling Down 05:53
Falling Down Falling Down is hard to wanna grow, for the sound is like breaking every bone. When the quiet sets and you know you're on your own, it's never easy when you must try to be alone. Falling Down, with a broken crown, it's a long way down, when every sound is heartache… Hmmm… You've tried so hard to make it all work out, just to realize that all the hope has turned to doubt. While once you sat, on what you're told was your own throne, has now collapsed, and your now left without a home. Falling Down, with a broken crown, it's a long way down, when every sound is heartache… Hmmm… The bottom will not cave you in, if you just hold yourself again. Takin' it all in; let yourself go, and your heart will grow again. Just fall into your own hands… Hit the ground, don't stay falling down, welcome the sound as your heart starts to pound (repeat)… from falling down… Hmmm
Contradiction Like sliding down a jagged edge of disappointment inside my head. Your daggers wound me from all the things you said, with intentions to follow this drive as dead; You have built me a contradiction. From a fool to a queen, you kiss then slap my face; You mix cruelty with faith and want me to behave. I watch as flowers die from all the things you say, yet fulfillness thrives my need to disobey. I won't live your contradiction. You look clean from wallowing in mud, and drown in sorrow with your diamonds around your neck. You're the smile in a picture that hides a different story; One that reeks of jealousy, of jealousy, of what I believe; and of what you can't conceive, but go ahead and throw your stones at me. You pretend to hate who I am, but inside you're dying to live a life like me. Why can't you just live a life like me? Oh, it's so easy to be free. You preach compassion to the outcast child, yet wash your hands of him after he is exiled. Ignorance becomes your lazy eye only to confirm, you've made no sacrifice. Oh, you are dwelling in contradiction. You taste the blood of god to repent your sins and later float in wine as you raise your fists. Existence now divides to survive to live; and a price to die for what we cannot give; Oh, this convincing contradiction. And this is your story, a sad one and yet it's true: this falsification of you. Oh, I will not be the one to bite my thumb at you, but it's obvious you're coming unglued, and falling apart from a war that is untrue. And as my warnings go unheard, you're turning black and blue. Perhaps because you only go through motions of living life; But don't crucify me for being alive…Oh… You want nothing more than to see beyond the sky; still you contradict your only disguise; At least I don't wake up living a lie…. Don't contradict, I'm on my knees, but please don't convict me… Don't contradict, I'm beggin' please, you can't convict me… You're a contradiction, a contradiction.
Mama Sanders 02:53
For Our Daughters And Sons My voice has been lost While my neighbor feared faith And I don’t trust the boss He never carried his weight But I won’t lay down I won’t look away It’s our duty to act and to fight for the sake Of this place I will make my voice loud Even if it’s lost in the crowd For we are as strong as each sound For the people we love and the earth that we touch we are one So, I’ll act and I’ll choose; I will stand for our daughters and sons For the birds and the earth So ignored and denied For the offspring we birth And give purpose to life Even if we lose How can we not try When a chance to make change and to grow is always Worth that price I will make my voice loud Even if it’s lost in the crowd For we are as strong as each sound For the people we love and the earth that we touch we are one So, I’ll act and I’ll choose; I will stand for our daughters and sons Look in their eyes; Don’t you dare hide Your silence will scream louder than your lies Find strength for their sake Hope is a gift It’s how we survive I will make my voice loud Even if it’s lost in the crowd For we are as strong as each sound For the people we love and the earth that we touch we are one So, I’ll act and I’ll choose; I will stand for our daughters and sons


"May My Stories Be Worn Like My Coats" is an ongoing music video album series where each song/video is telling the story, music, and life of survivor, Angie Haze.
There will be a total of 24 music videos as well as 12 Volumes/EPs which include songs from the series as well as additional material.
You can view them on our Youtube channel: Please subscribe!

Volume 2 highlights the darker side of Angie's story but it also leaves the listener with a sense of hope and inspiration.

Video Production: Todd v. with Wasted Talent Media


released August 24, 2018

All songs written By: Angie Haze
Produced, Arranged, Recorded, Engineered & Mixed By: Haze Entertainment, LLC
Mastered By: Spencer Martin
Gingerbread Man: Acoustic Guitar, Vocal, and Foot Percussion (Tambourine, Wine Bottle, Chains) Performed Live By: Angie Haze
Shoes: “Shoes!” shouts: Justin Tibbs, Rik Williger, Meryl Hornyak, Gina Wilson, Chris Dudley, Andre Frazier, Rachel Osherow, Angie Haze; Cello: Gina Wilson; Bass: Chris Dudley; Flute: Rik Williger; Saxophone: Justin Tibbs; Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Background Vocals, Percussion & Drums: Angie Haze
Falling Down: Cello: Gina Wilson; Piano, Percussion, Lead, Harmony & Background Vocals: Angie Haze
Contradiction: Bass, Midi Drums: Chris Dudley; Cello: Gina Wilson; Flute: Rik Williger; Saxophone: Justin Tibbs; Acoustic Guitar, Keys, Drums, Percussion, Lead & Background Vocals: Angie Haze
For Our Daughters & Sons: Piano, Bass, Drums, Electric Guitar, Lead & Background Vocals: Angie Haze

*Songs, "Gingerbread Man" & "Falling Down" are part of our music video album series entitled, “May My Stories Be Worn Like My Coats”. You can view them on our Youtube channel: Please subscribe!
We will be releasing a total of 24 music videos in chronological order sharing the story, life and music of Angie Haze. Along with every two videos of this series we will release an EP with additional bonus material for you! Thanks for being a part of this journey! Don’t miss out on any breadcrumbs left along the way! Every piece is a part of the bigger picture.
Album artwork: Angie Haze & Todd v.


all rights reserved



The Angie Haze Project Akron, Ohio

“A compelling, raw, and theatrical performance with a sound so addicting, you just can't get enough”

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