May My Stories Be Worn Like My Coats, Vol. 3

by The Angie Haze Project

The Blues 04:45
Take It Easy 07:33
Take It Easy Take it easy, she won't think twice when you're gone. Oh, take it easy, cause you can't make right what's been wrong. She'll break your heart, pack your bags, and say so long, Oh yeah…. Believe me she won't listen to your sad song. Take it easy, when you lose your cool, you lose your mind. Oh, take it easy, when you show your hurt, she's satisfied. Don't let her evil works make you ignite, no honey… Cause your yelling tears are gonna lose this fight… Settle down, settle down, down; She'll come around, come around, round… And when she does, don't make a sound, cause she'll hear your wounded heart pound; and she'll hit you right square in the eye… She'll show you no mercy when you cry… Take it easy, forget being foolish my dear. Yeah, take it easy, your screaming and shouting show your fears. And she'll just kick back laughing at your mad tears, cause baby…. Showing you care, she knows you'll still be near… Settle down... Take it easy baby, take it easy baby, oh… She may be sleazy but you gotta, yeah you gotta take it easy honey… Cause when you blow your top, no she ain't gonna stop. She's gonna rip out your heart til it starts to rot; And when your world crumbles down, pulling you to the ground, she's gonna rip out your voice, so you can't make a sound… And you still wanna, you wanna, hate to wanna love her, and you still wanna you wanna hate to wanna touch her, and you still wanna, you wanna let her abuse you, cause it hurts less and less when you let her confuse, oh, step on back, you know the wind ain't breezy, but you'll survive if you take it easy… Take easy…. Time to wave, goodbye, oh to this no good nasty life, and say goodbye to her teasing, but only if you take it easy….
Ricorda Giorni Che Volavi Prezioso bambino, confuso e senza speranza - tu non sei solo in questo mondo misero e’. (Precious child, confused and hopeless- you're not alone in this wretched, selfish world.) Prendi la mia mano, e io ti seguirò in un posto dove noi siamo liberi. (Take my hand, and I will lead you to a place where we are free.) Non aver paura, di essere dentro te. Stai sempre forte ricorda giorni che volavi. (Do not be afraid, to enter into you. Just hold on and remember the days you flew.)
Remembering The Days You Flew Ease your weary mind, hold your troubled heart. Do not silence any cries, they could tear you up inside. Let it wash away, every time you close your eyes. As long as you awake, may your breathing be your fight. Safely follow through, pouring out of you- remembering the days you flew. Cleanse your tainted past, of every selfish hand. Do not cling to what they've taken from you, for you must heal and grow again. Loving you will free every part of you that dreams. Though, now heart ache overflows within you, let it be, just start to breathe. Safely follow through, pouring out of you- remembering the days you flew. Every voice has a name, every smile has felt pain. Every heart beats to the winds that blow, it's just what they know. Every hand has felt touch, some have hurt us too much, but look inside of you; Remembering the days you flew.
Dream 01:37
Move My Heart To Move You Whenever you wake up, be grateful you did. Each day you’re alive, Life’s preciously lived. You simply can’t waste it, there’s so much to do. If you want to move others, you have to move you. Have kind thoughts towards every person you meet. Try not to get angry, you’ll rob your self peace. You simply can’t waste it, there’s so much to do. If you want to move others, you have to move you. So whenever you seek truth, seek truth from within. For, that is the answer to love as much as you can. Feel my ache to feel you. Move my heart to move you. Give me air to breathe you. Fall apart to find you. I’ll move me to give you room; That you may feel the ache to move you too. Wake up your heart, to touch, to love, to part. Wake up your heart. We move so they can start


"May My Stories Be Worn Like My Coats" is an ongoing music video album series where each song/video is telling the story, music, and life of survivor, Angie Haze.
There will be a total of 24 music videos as well as 12 Volumes/EPs which include songs from the series as well as additional material.
You can view them on our Youtube channel: Please subscribe!

Volume 3 opens with the story of how Angie and her sax player, Justin Tibbs met. It further explains how his role both as a bandmate and friend changed not only the course of Angie's style and music, but her outlook on family. This album also reminds the listener to look back and remember the possibilities and dreams of our childhood during times of heartache.

Video Production: Todd v. with Wasted Talent Media


released November 16, 2018

All songs written By: Angie Haze
Produced, Arranged, Recorded, Engineered & Mixed By: Haze Entertainment, LLC
Mastered By: Spencer Martin
Take It Easy: Acoustic Guitar, Vocal, & Mouth Trumpet Recorded live in the back of that PT Cruiser By: Angie Haze; Saxophone: Justin Tibbs
Ricorda Giorni Che Volavi: Acoustic Guitar & Lead Vocal: Angie Haze; Soprano Vocal: Rachel Osherow; Tenor Vocal: Andre Frazier
Remembering The Days You Flew: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin, Accordion, Bass, Drums: Angie Haze; Background Vocals: Rachel Osherow & Andre Frazier
Move My Heart To Move You: Piano, Drums, Lead & Background Vocals: Angie Haze; Midi drums, Electric Guitar, Bass: Chris Dudley


all rights reserved



The Angie Haze Project Akron, Ohio

“A compelling, raw, and theatrical performance with a sound so addicting, you just can't get enough”

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