The Gingerbread Man

by The Angie Haze Project

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"Gingerbread Man" is the 3rd Music Video from The Video Album Series, "May My Stories Be Worn Like My Coats..."
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The back story behind this song:

I was abused. This music video was taken in the actual place of where much of it happened. That space and the events that frequently occurred, robbed my sense of worth, innocence, and humanity. I was silenced, disregarded and ostracized. It was not my fault, however I have fought the majority of my life trying to convince myself of that as well as the fact that there wasn't more that I could do to stop it and I didn't somehow deserve it. I felt it was necessary to share this especially right now and during this time with what's happening in our world. We can not turn a blind eye to abuse, neglect, hate, or infliction of any kind. What has been the most painful for me was not the abuse itself, but the silence of those who knew and did nothing to intervene. I'm no longer a victim. In fact cutting this video was the most empowering, therapeutic, and liberating experience. I took back that space. I gave myself a voice. I finally gave myself value and acknowledged something that many encouraged me to forget and to not expose. I could never sleep peacefully denying myself that it happened and in fact, by doing so i would only be condoning behavior and offenses that are far from acceptable or justifiable. So, I hope that I can encourage those who have either been scared into silence or guilt, or have been abused in any way to find your voice. I'm beyond grateful for music and I dedicate my life to fighting for the arts to be viewed as a necessity verses a luxury because that is exactly what has saved my life. It was the only place of emotional safety, sense of self, and chance to be heard that I had growing up. It gave me a VOICE. There are many people in the world suffering especially today. Some, may be within your own family, others may even suffer at your place of work from discrimination amongst other issues. There are people who have been oppressed and haven't seen any amount of justice for horrible crimes committed against them. LISTEN to them, CONSIDER them, STAND with them, HELP make their voices heard. Do this with love, do this in peace... but DO something. Stop praying that it will just go away. It won't. I prayed every night my entire childhood, but abuse still came and still happened. You can not just hope and ask for something to be done. You must DO and you must ACT on behalf of those who are unable to fight for themselves. To be aware of injustice and to do nothing is often worse than the actual crimes themselves. It is our responsibility as human beings to connect to all that is living and to stand up and ensure the rights and safety of each other and our planet. If we do not, we are merely taking advantage of our intelligence and power, therefore we are no better than those whom succeed with acts of corruption.



Oh, he rocks softly in his chair, he does not know I'm there, and yet I'm listening.
Oh, as he guzzles down his wine, I can hear a sigh of guilty mourning.
Oh, he washes me away with a beacon of his pain, though it won't comfort me.
For I, have waited for this day to reconcile my harbored pain of solitude.
Yet somewhere in my mind, though I know it's a crime… Sometimes I wish that he'd just die….

Oh, once so sweet, he'd call my name, too naive for this game of twisted victory.
I will not forget those days, my childhood swept away, each bedtime story.
Oh, this confrontation sits on my defenseless state of mind burned by his glory.
And here, I stand two feet from choosing forgiveness, or make real my own fantasy.
Still somewhere in my mind, I know that it's a crime… But it's me or him, who's soul shall die?

How meloncholy this day, a day that I shall pray for understanding.
But why, must I always be the lamb, a sacrifice at hand before this evil beast?
Oh, I know this meeting isn't real though merely, moments I shall feel instant peace.
For, this shall be his very last time to imagine that I am his own property.
Cause somewhere in his mind, he always knew it was a crime, still he justifies cruelty with a bottle of wine….

Hey there, Mr. Gingerbread Man, try to catch me if you think that you can.
You once were believably charming to me, and now that I am fully grown,
I know you must reap what you sow, so hey gingerbread…
I will now swallow your soul…

Hey there, Mr. Comedian man, I'll make you cry just washing your hands…
See, now I can manipulate, just like you,
but I clearly don't have intentions of harm, oh comedian, I'll squash you with my self taught charm…

Come on, foolish insensitive man! You say you've got the answers and plan-
to change the world, you say you know everything.
So, tell me why does god allow, men like you to take a vow, by turning around and throwing away the here and now…

Yeah, your wine won't ever fill that gingerbread hole, no no….
Cause your crimes will never save your soul...


released November 12, 2016
Written, Produced and Performed LIVE by: Angie Haze
Video Production: Todd v. with Wasted Talent Media



all rights reserved


The Angie Haze Project Akron, Ohio

“A compelling, raw, and theatrical performance with a sound so addicting, you just can't get enough”

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